TV Program Production

Need to produce TV show?

Television (TV) Program Production is another Signature Service of ours, apart from digital content provider. Our very first TV program was in the year 1995, we worked with Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) for a program called “Rice Mice”. We won award for highest rating and the longest running (2008 – 2015) Kids TV Show called “Kids on 2” on RTM as well.

Our massive 20 years of experience in this area, not only we’ve produced kids tv programs, but also automobile review program, health & lifestyle program, teenagers program, and lots more. Not many Private Production House in Malaysia was able to produce such quality and interesting programs, 20 years back. We consider ourselves as the pioneer in this industry. We are honored to see how this area of industry has developed in the past decade and continue growing for many years to come.

Not only the industry, Cyberbang as well is experiencing exponential growth. Lots of equipment and technology were not available last time, but are now at the tip of our fingers. We have the experience and expertise. We are eager to produce more fresh and quality tv programs for the industry. If you are looking to stand out from your competitors and persevere in this ever challenging industry, look no further than Cyberbang. Lets work together and create massive success !


Here are the  TV programs produced by us, from the year 1995 to 2015. Note that these are just a few out of thousands of them. Many of our programs were in a video tape format as digital format was not established in Malaysia until late 2005. Click on the Youtube link below to check the videos !

RTM (1994)
Kids on 2
RTM (2008-2015)
Dapat Auto
2007 (26 Episodes)
Whats for Breakfast
4 Seasons (52 Episodes)
Jom Minum
4 Seasons (52 Episodes)
Bilikku Syurgaku
2 Seasons (26 Episodes)
Teen Explorer
1 Season (13 Episodes)
1 Season (13 Episodes)
Cuti-Cuti Malaysia
2 Seasons (26 Episodes)

As a digital content provider company with more than 20 years of experience in the creative industry, there are lots of concept that we can come up with, to suit your need and address your concern. We strongly believe that effective communication between both parties is the key to a successful online content for your business.

Rest assured that the quality of content that you are getting will always surpass the price tag you have in mind. We guarantee to give our very best and provide your business a value for money digital content services!