We are a group of creative enthusiasts that love the work we do. 

We have been generating creative digital dreams for  years and have collected international awards. 


Our Founder

More than 30 years of experience has been a ‘creative fireball’ from the day he ventured into Film & Broadcast industry . He was first recognised as one of the most prominent & promising cameraman. Armed with a vast experience in both the technical as well as the production field and with a ‘madly creative mind’ bursting with fantastic ideas, he then ventured into the world producing and directing. Throughout the years, he has proven the industry by winning awards and accolades and earned recognition as one of the most respected player in the industry and he has not looked back since

He is….

Our History

Cyberbang Story

Cyberbang TV is a Malaysia Homegrown Content-Provider Company founded in the year 1995. Our main mission is to revolutionize the creative industry in Malaysia specifically and generally throughout the entire world. What started as a journey less taken back in 1995, now has turn into a massive endless opportunity as the technology evolves with time.

A Bumiputra production house with attitude….We create …. We innovate…  We break away from the stereotypical to be leaders in the industry.

Born in 1995 having achieved 27 years of creative excellence, we are in the forefront of new technology in the content creation & production of film, multimedia & broadcast industry. Lead by a team of award winning professionals who have been in the industry for the past 30 years we have made our mark both in the local as well as the highly competitive international world by our ‘golden’ winning streak. 

Our works are distinctly original & creative and we are forever motivated to strive towards excellence….thanks to a team of the experienced as well as the young who are forever enthusiastic and prideful of all works undertaken. We approach each project with a burning desire to satisfy clients by injecting a breath of fresh air into every production may it big or small.

The creativity and individuality expressed in the works undertaken by CYBERBANG is a testament of our mission to approach every project with an earnest desire to bring forth the best in every projects and transforming each of them into a visual thought – provoking treat !!!


Only The Best

We strive hard to deliver only the best for all of our clients because we love and enjoy doing what we do every single day.


Better Industry

We strongly believe the creative industry has yet to reach its full potential so we will continue to serve and grow together.


Our Recognitions

Rewards & Awards