Production Equipment Rental

Equipment rental is another service that we provide as a One Stop Production House Company in Malaysia. We understand that its can be challenging and difficult for few, to own their own production equipment, not limited to the financial constrain but also maintaining and servicing the equipment so that it keeps functioning the way it should. Small popular gadget such as DSLR camera for rental can be easily found but what about large equipment like jimmy jib crane?

No worries and look no further! Among various services offered, Cyberbang also provide its customers with production equipment rental service. A wide range of filming and photography equipment are available for hire. We specialize in Jib Crane, Multiple Camera Production (MCP) and Drone rental.

Many other production companies either established or newly startup, contact Cyberbang when it comes to production equipment rental. Some needed extra jib crane, others wanted to provide extra value and exceed their clients expectations. No matter what your aim is, either small or big scale job, Cyberbang is committed in helping to you get it done.

Never settle for a dull shot ever again!

Listed below are the rental equipment we focus on. We provide on-site/location delivery, setup and operating crew at a bargain. Click to Learn More!

Multi Camera Production

  • Multiple-camera setup
  • Record or broadcast scenes simultaneously
  • Close-ups and wide-angle shots
  • Reduce film or video editing time
  • Reduce retakes and resetting

Jib Crane

Jimmy Jib
  • Highly durable and dependable
  • Equipment original & made in USA
  • Cover great length from 5 feet to 33 feet
  • Fits any type of camera
  • Produces great cinematography shots

Drone / Aerial Camera

  • Sensor flexibility
  • Good flight time
  • After hours filming
  • Aerial photography and filming
  • Connect with MCP System